help, advice, planning, internal housing design and TMS (Transition Management Scoring). Grass Science, a forage production and planning tool with 60 years combined experience. Increasing the yield/production from forage and home grown feeds, formulated into rations using Ultramix from Premier Nutrition and Bioparametrices (BPM).

Help and Advice: I have spent most of my life around livestock and have amassed considerable experience of feeding cows, sheep and crops. The result of doing this means I have had the great pleasure of being shown around many different farming systems and types. It really is wonderful when farmers take time to illustrate how their farm works. This in turn gives me a memory bank of novel and practical ideas.

Planning: in a constantly changing industry it can be very difficult for the farmer to find the time to plan the coming months and years. The value of working a plan through cannot be under estimated even if the weather does spoil the plan.
Business progression can be difficult to spot for someone involved on a daily basis, I find that talking through bottle necks with clients allow us to prioritise which issue can be dealt with first.
Grass Science is a forage and planning tool to provide enough high quality forage with an aim to reduce reliance on bought-in feeds.

Internal livestock housing: using experience of livestock systems and facilities like Zinpro First Step and Wisconsin Universities Dairyland Initiative, I can assist with maximising the potential yield from the housing.
It has now been well proven that animal welfare, comfort and freedom will increase the production and, therefore, potential profitability.

TMS (Transition Management Scoring): developed by Dr Andrew Pine of Premier Nutrition, TMS is a system of scoring the effectiveness of dry cow systems. It adopts a practical approach to making little changes and, therefore, improving the whole herd.
In the UK, transition cow management is one of the biggest problems and costs the dairy industry more than any other area.
I have been successfully using the system since its launch in 2011.

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